Automechanika 2023: A Great Show for ProXL!

30 June 2023 Automotive

After a lapse of four years, Automechanika finally returned to the UK – and what a show! For the three days of the show, the ProXL stand proved to be a magnet for many well-known and influential people in the automotive refinishing industry, who visited us to see our latest product launches and connect with our team. Let’s just recap a few of the highlights.

Launch of Xpress605 Clear Coat

We chose to launch our new VHS clearcoat at Automechanika, where it was enthusiastically received due to its new drying technology. With a rapid curing time of 5 minutes at 60ºC, Xpress 605 can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, so productivity is increased while costs and environmental impact are both substantially reduced.

It’s also fast and easy to use, being a simple 2:1 clear coat and hardener mix that requires no thinners or additives. While it cures rapidly, it also has a long open time, excellent flow out and a pot life of 60 minutes.

But if you’re thinking this might be at the expense of finish quality or durability, you’d be wrong. With a very high solids content of at least 60%, it also gives excellent gloss depth that in most cases, eliminates any need for polishing. However, if you do choose to polish Xpress605, it is easily polished. Its long-term performance is good, too, with superior weathering and gloss retention characteristics.

Other Products We Exhibited

Visitors to the stand were also greeted by an impressive line-up of recent additions to our product range.

  • XpressBuild is an ultra-high-performance 1K aerosol primer. With a short dry-to-sand time, it can be applied directly onto many substrates, including bare metal and most plastics, and is suitable for use both with water- and solvent-based topcoats. With excellent anti-sag and film-build properties and a short drying time, XpressBuild is the ultimate high-build primer and is available in a range of five colours.
  • UltraGrip is a technically advanced adhesion promoter, available either as a 500ml aerosol or in a 1-litre tin for gun application. Fast drying and with a very low film build-up, it has been successfully tested on a wide range of substrates including most types of plastics, all non-ferrous metals including stainless steel and aluminium, glass, porcelain and E-coats.
  • ToughOX is a 2K polyurethane bed liner used for protection, sound dampening and noise reduction, and is available either as an aerosol or as separate components for gun spraying. With excellent adhesion to most surfaces and outstanding resistance to water, fuels, chemicals and oils, it also weathers well and doesn’t easily degrade under high UV.

The unique ToughOX applicator gun works in the same way as an underbody paint spray gun and screws directly onto the top of the ToughOX tin. The texture of the bed liner is changed by simply turning the nozzle, without any adjustment of air pressure required. It also features semi-disposable nozzle and hose components that can either be cleaned and reused, or replaced and disposed of for recycling.

Everyone Had The Chance To Be A Winner

Another fun attraction on the ProXL stand was the Cash Grabber. This is a sort of vertical wind tunnel that players stand in while trying to grab paper tokens that were whirling about them. The winners were the players who managed to grab the highest number of tokens.

On each of the three days, we offered first, second and third place cash prizes of £200, £100 and £50 respectively, and the winners were announced on social media.

If You Missed Us…

If you were unable to get to Automechanika or didn’t visit our stand, the show will be returning to the NEC in June 2025, so put a reminder in your diary to book your tickets before then and we look forward to seeing you!

Of course, you don’t need to wait until 2025 to find out about the great range of ProXL automotive refinishing products – except for Xpress605 (because it’s so newly launched) they’re all on our website or you can contact our friendly, knowledgeable technical team on 01634 823900 or via our contact page.