New Product Launch! XPRESS605 Clear Coat

21 July 2023 Automotive

We’re pleased to announce the launch of XPRESS605, a high-performance VHS clear coat that offers easy use, extended open time, an outstandingly high gloss gun finish and rapid curing.

These three factors make XPRESS605 a perfect coating for automotive repair shops to achieve great results, reduce energy consumption and maximise productivity.

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Fast, Easy Clear Coat For All Spray Jobs

The XPRESS605 formula only requires a 2:1 mix of clear coat and hardener for it to be gun-ready – no thinners or other additives required, whatever your application – full resprays to small smart repairs.

With a 63% solids content – higher than any of its competitors – and low VOCs, XPRESS605 delivers a higher dry film thickness of approximately 60 microns.

A Clear Coat With Excellent Open Time And Workability

Many fast-cure 2K clear coats start to cure as soon as they are applied. This makes them only suitable for smaller jobs. But how can you get the productivity of a fast-cure clear coat when you’re spraying an entire vehicle?

The long open time built into the XPRESS605 formula means curing only begins once the baking process is started. A long pot life of 60 minutes also gives you plenty of time to lay down the required coats with no decline in workability.

Outstanding Clear Coat Gloss Finish Eliminates Polishing

With excellent flow out and gloss level, XPRESS605 clear coat features new technology that dries from the underneath out. This means it doesn’t have pinching or gloss drop during curing and doesn’t need to be polished to rectify gloss die-back. This increases productivity and cuts the cost of materials, power and labour.

However, if you do choose to polish XPRESS605 it polishes extremely easily, even after several days following curing.

Polished or not, XPRESS605 offers superior weathering and gloss retention.

Rapid-Cure Clear Coat Cuts Energy Costs, Boosts Productivity

XPRESS605 is formulated to give a rapid cure time of 5 minutes at a booth temperature of 60C. This can save up to 70% in energy costs and prevent bottlenecks in busy spray shop productivity.

For more information on XPRESS605 clear coat check out the product page, or find your nearest distributor here.