Powerful Yet Non-Toxic – New Water-Based Rust Remover Is A True Revolution

26 February 2024 News

With ProXL water-based Rust Remover, eliminating corrosion has never been so easy. Find out how you can stop the rot in just four easy steps.

Removing rust has long been a messy, labour-intensive and (potentially) environmentally harmful task loathed by more than a few in the automotive industry, but now all that is changing thanks to ProXL.  ProXL’s water-based Rust Remover is a truly revolutionary product which manages to eliminate corrosion with ease while also caring for the environment.  Restore rusted metal simply and effectively through our versatile solution, ideal for a wide range of applications and perfect for use in bodyshops and by amateur restorers alike.

Following an extensive research and development process, ProXL’s non-toxic Rust Remover has been specifically formulated to eradicate deep-seated rust from a range of mild steel and iron surfaces, remarkably it has the power to remove rust while also being kind and gentle on materials including paint, copper, brass, aluminium, plastic, rubber, vinyl, lead and solder points.  We like to call this an “intelligent selective action”, in short, it works while also preserving non-oxide coatings – like paint or chrome that remain firmly bonded to metal surfaces. Happily, Rust Remover won’t cause damage to unrusted steel.

In the past removing rust would require the plentiful use of that old garage staple, elbow grease, applied across a lengthy period of time, but thanks to the impressive and fast-acting nature of ProXL Rust Remover, that’s no longer the case.  Rust Remover’s groundbreaking water-based formula enables it to delete rust easily without the need for isolating the panel being treated, intensive scrubbing or sanding.

Further adding to the appeal of ProXL Rust Remover is its user-friendly experience, thanks to a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable makeup, there are no fumes or unpleasant odours produced during use.  Its water-soluble, biodegradable ingredients ensure it is safe on working hands, adding to its phenomenal eco-friendly “green” credentials.  We told you it was revolutionary!

Banish rust in four easy steps – submerge the corroded or oxidised parts in Rust Remover and walk away, it’s as simple as that:

  1. Remove large pieces of rust or broken paint with a stiff wire brush, remove any oil or grime and rinse with water.
  2. Submerge part in Rust Remover and leave for between one – and 24 hours depending on metal type and severity of rust.
  3. Agitate occasionally and/or increase the temperature to 40°C to speed up the rust removal process and reaction.
  4. For larger parts, lay paper towels or rags soaked in Rust Remover over the affected areas, keep the soaked item in direct contact for as long as possible and repeat where necessary.

Water-based Rust Remover is a re-useable solution too, meaning that it can be utilised for multiple treatments for the effective restoration of rusty metal. Safe to use on all metals, Rust Remover is available in one- and five-litre versions.  Find more information on ProXL Rust Remover here, and find your nearest distributor here.