ProXL PlastiColour Plastic Filler Repairs Bumpers and Plastic Car Trim

24 May 2024 News

ProXL has added to its expanding range of professional car repair products with ProXL PlastiColour Plastic Filler. Perfect for repairing cracked or scratched bumpers, or scuffed plastic car trim, ProXL’s latest plastic filler saves time and money by avoiding the need to fit replacement parts.

The 2k plastic bumper filler has been specially formulated to repair most types of plastic. It is simple to mix and easy to use. PlastiColour Plastic Filler is designed for filling holes, scratches and scuffs on plastic vehicle parts, helping to return car bumpers and plastic car trim to ‘as new’ condition.

The two-part plastic filler for car bumpers offers excellent adhesion, and it can be easily shaped and sanded for a smooth look, with blended contours ensuing a seamless finish. ProXL’s latest Plastic Filler dries to give a durable plasticity, while remaining easy to sand. The durable repair will be ready for priming and painting.

PlastiColour Plastic Filler can be primed with can be primed with ProXL PlastiGrip Aerosol and painted over in a very short space of time, making it the ideal plastic filler for car bumpers in busy bodyshops. However, its versatility also makes it suitable for plastic car trim repairs too. It will even stick to some metal substrates such as aluminium or galvanised steel, making it even an more indispensable product in the workshop arsenal.

PlastiColour Plastic Filler is one of the first products to be launched since ProXL relocated to its new 38,000-square-foot facility in Sheerness, Kent. The technologically advanced development facility, with integrated R&D and product testing centres, allows ProXL to create the next generation of automotive refinishing products, leading the way in industry developments.

ProXL PlastiColour Plastic Filler is available in 125ml and 500ml sizes, each kit includes both components, the filler and activator.

PlastiColour Plastic Filler from ProXL is available to purchase now, find out more information here, and find your nearest distributor here.