Product Focus - Pro 2K Clear

26 September 2022 Automotive

Two-component paints and lacquers – commonly called 2k – are widely used by automotive refinishing professionals for the higher gloss and harder finish they offer compared with single-component alternatives.

A True 2k Lacquer In A Can

While some paints and lacquers are promoted as 2k products, only genuine two-component formulas will give the performance expected of a 2k coating.

These are conventionally supplied in two separate containers, and the curing process is only activated once they are mixed in the correct proportions.

Pro2kCLEAR is a genuine two-pack clear coat lacquer with a difference – it is conveniently supplied in an easy-to-use aerosol. Once the seal separating the two compartments in the can is broken, the can is shaken like any conventional aerosol lacquer and ready for use.

Professional Spray Gun Finishing

Purists might argue that an aerosol cannot deliver the same quality finish as a professional spray gun, Pro2kCLEAR aerosols are fitted with the unique ProXL Vari-nozzle. This gives the user flexibility and control with a choice of spray patterns and delivers professional results.

While pot-mixed lacquers and professional spray guns are better for large-scale spraying such as entire vehicles, a Pro2kCLEAR aerosol is faster, easier and more cost-effective for spot repairs and small area spraying.

It eliminates the need for setting up the spraying equipment and thoroughly cleaning it after use, and can be used anywhere without requiring a spray booth, electricity or compressed air.

Technical Data For Pro 2K Clear

  • Available in 200ml cans
  • Acrylic resin binder
  • 3 – 0.4 square metres coverage
  • Apply 2-3 coats @ 50cm with 10mins flash-off between coats
  • Temperature resistant to 90C
  • VOC content 690 g/l
  • A second coat can be applied in 2 minutes at 20C
  • Dust dry in 5 minutes @ 20C
  • Touch dry in 5 hours
  • Mechanical polishing
    • 15-20 minutes after UV curing
    • 40 minutes after drying at 40C
    • 24 hours after drying at 20C