Spray 2k From An Aerosol With New ProXL Vari-Nozzle

18 March 2024 News

ProXL has developed game-changing 2k aerosol technology that allows automotive SMART repair professionals to park their conventional spray gun in favour of a unique spray can. Those in search of a quick and easy 2k clear coat spray, and 2k primer spray can benefit from high-quality results achieved in far less time.  Sprayers simply: pull, twist, shake and spray to achieve that distinctive 2k finish.

The ProXL 2k Primer / Filler and 2k Clear Coat spray cans feature new, industry-leading, Vari-Nozzle technology, the two components are kept separate yet combined in one 200ml or 500ml aerosol, delivering the correct mixing ratio every time. The unique Vari-Nozzle system also provides a full spray gun experience, allowing for vertical and horizontal adjustment, and multiple spray fan widths, giving full control and flexibility over application.

Developed in collaboration with top paint manufacturers, ProXL’s Pro 2k primer and Pro 2k clear coat sprays have identical drying, adhesion and finishing properties to any traditional 2k product. They reduce wastage by mitigating loss of materials due to incorrect mixing, and last longer through a superior open pot life of between one to three days. Requiring very little preparation and clean-up, time is saved, and they are easy to store while being sealed against moisture and air.

ProXL Pro 2k Primer/Filler

This 2k high-build primer can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, providing outstanding adhesion and sealing properties. Drying times are quick, and the finished film boasts exceptional build qualities.

ProXL Pro 2k Clear Coat

This genuine isocyanate 2k clear aerosol delivers a superior crystal-clear lacquer coat, with excellent gloss retention and scratch resistance, it offers fast drying times. The fully cured film is highly resistant to the effects of chemical, petrol and weathering exposure.

ProXL’s credible new alternative to conventional spray gun technology is available to purchase now, find out more information on the ProXL 2k aerosol range here and here, and find your nearest distributor here.