7 Reasons Why The New XPRESS405 Clear Coat Is A Cost-Saving Game Changer

7 February 2024 News

The ProXL XPRESS range is already highly regarded in the automotive industry for its rapid curing times and high levels of professional finish straight from the gun, ProXL XPRESS products allow specialists to achieve striking results while reducing energy consumption and maximising productivity.  Further bolstering the range comes the latest addition – XPRESS405, our most innovative and cost-saving Clear Coat yet.  XPRESS405 offers an astounding drying time of just five minutes flat at 50°C alongside an all-important extended open time, this brings unparalleled versatility and cost-saving efficiencies to body shops at a time when saving time and money has never been more essential.

Here are seven reasons why XPRESS405 Clear Coat sits at the forefront of automotive refinishing as a cost-effective game changer for bodyshops, making it a clear choice for bodyshops aiming to elevate their performance while reducing expenses.

1) A Swift Turnaround

Speed saves time and money, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality.  ProXL XPRESS405 features a unique rapid-curing formula, allowing it to dry in a remarkably quick time of just five minutes at a temperature of 50°C.  Our fastest curing Clear Coat yet, XPRESS405 transforms the application and drying process, accelerating the pace of automotive refinishing and ensuring a faster turnaround of work for bodyshops.

2) Extended Open Time

You might assume that XPRESS405’s rapid curing time results in a reduced open time, but that is not the case.  Despite its fast drying nature, XPRESS405 boasts a prolonged working window; pot life of 60 mins at 20°C. This prevents the danger of dry edges and allows painters the flexibility they need to ensure precise application on larger surfaces or complex designs without the need to rush.  The end result is a job completed to a very high standard.

3) Unparalleled Versatility

There’s no such thing as one tool to do it all, and the same is true of products and processes in the bodyshop, however, ProXL XPRESS405 offers unrivalled versatility making it suitable for a wide range of projects, from minor SMART repairs to extensive repaints.  The adaptable nature of XPRESS405 simplifies workflow for body shops, reducing the need for multiple products making it one of the most useful Clear Coats available.

4) Cost-Effective Repaints

Thanks to ProXL XPRESS405’s rapid curing ability and extended open time, it is the perfect choice for bodyshops undertaking full repaints.  With XPRESS405 to hand, specialists can undertake complex, comprehensive tasks with unparalleled efficiency, delivering professional results without the need to compromise on quality.  This remarkable versatility further contributes to the significant cost savings on offers.

5) Streamlined Inventory

This single Clear Coat is suitable for a range of applications so there’s no need to keep a multitude of different speed hardeners and additives in stock.  ProXL XPRESS405 allows bodyshop managers to streamline their inventory while increasing throughput.  The end result is reduced wastage, reduced costs and consistent, high-quality results that can be relied upon.

6) Quality And Economy

A professional finish doesn’t have to come at great expense. ProXL XPRESS405 has been engineered to deliver a high-quality result every time yet it comes without a premium price
tag.  Thanks in part to its lower solids content, XPRESS405 is an economical solution making it an exceptionally attractive choice for bodyshops seeking to lower costs without compromising on quality, giving unparalleled durability, thanks to its cutting-edge anti-scratch technology.

7) Energy Savings

You won’t need us to tell you that traditional curing methods require an extended bake time to be factored into the repainting process, this consumes energy and we all know how expensive that has become in recent times.  Using ProXL XPRESS405 cuts time and saves money, reducing energy consumption and contributing to an environmentally conscious and cost-effective approach.

For more information on ProXL XPRESS405 Clear Coat view our Clear Coat range, and find your nearest distributor here.