Generation20 Polish System Announced As Bodyshop Awards Finalist

7 February 2022 Automotive

We’re really pleased that our Generation20 Polish products have been selected as a finalist in the 2021 Bodyshop Awards, in the “New Technology” category!

These products are the result of months of work from our product development and technical teams- market research, vigorous in-house and independent testing, and formulation development. What has been created is something we are truly proud of: ProCut is a completely VOC free and waterbased cutting compound, offering industry leading performance while remaining safe and environmentally friendly.

The new ProXL Generation20 ProCut & ProFinish polishing system has been specially developed to provide the user with a high quality solution that is fast and easy to use. With two polishing compounds and two different pads, this system contains everything required for a great result on both new and existing paintwork. Extreme Cut Compound even polishes P1200-1500 sanding in a single go. That’s great for time-saving and along with this it produces less dust and mess, but here’s the important, truly innovative part: the Extreme Cut Compound is solvent-free and contains ZERO VOC’s. That means no smell and no damage to health. There shouldn’t be a trade-off between health of operators and efficiency. Here at last is a product that brings both to the bodyshop industry.

The ProXL brand has reached market leader status on the back of dialogue with bodyshop and distributor customers, together with a truly fantastic team spirit. Ideas are brainstormed by a crossfunctional team, with concepts rapidly scribbled on a whiteboard by the Innovation Unit. Once initial prototyping has begun, products are taken into live bodyshop situations for discussion with trusted customer partners, so any defects can be ironed out and better features added. The team call this “The Garage Gauntlet” phase, because products are subjected to so many challenges and tests, not only by our live action research in the bodyshops, but also by the internal staff who enjoy testing our products to their limits. The team bring all these inputs together for group analysis and evaluation before deciding to finally proceed with the launch. ProXL do this because they believe in real life testing and partnership, but another very handy by-product is that it earns buy-in from the team, which means that they become true advocates when it comes to selling the product into distributors later.