Plastic Repair Products

Plastic Filler for Bumper and Trim Repair

UFPG20-125; UFPG20-500

ULTRAFILL is an easy-to-mix, 2k plastic filler for filling holes, scratches, and scuffs on plastic parts such as bumpers and plastic car trims.  This two-part plastic filler can be easily shaped for smooth, blended contours.

This plastic repair filler dries to give a durable plasticity while remaining easy to sand.  It can be primed with plastic primer and over-painted for the perfect plastic repair.

It will also adhere to some metal substrates such as aluminum and galvanized steel.

Available in 125ml and 500ml sizes, each kit includes both components, the filler and the activator.

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Working time – 3 – 5 minutes

Air dry @ 20°C – 20 – 30 minutes

This is a special refinish product based on its ingredients and its properties. The maximum VOC content in this category is 250g/l. The VOC content in ready for use form of this product is <250g/l. 2004/42/11B(b)(250)175

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