Clear Coat

Pro 2K Clear Lacquer Aerosol


A genuine isocyanate 2K clear coat lacquer, offering a superior crystal clear finish that has excellent gloss retention and scratch resistance.

This 2k clear coat aerosol is easy to activate and apply with mechanical polishing possible after only 24 hours. Buying a 2k clear coat spray in aerosol can form enables pro results, even when you don’t have the convenience of a full spray gun set up near you.

What gives the Pro-XL 2K-Clear coat spray can the edge is the unique Vari-nozzle, giving the user a choice of spray pattern for flexibility and control, from coarse to fine spray.

Available in 200ml and 500ml aerosol can sizes for flexibility and convenience, wherever you need a professional 2k clear spray finish.

  • VOC content- 690 g/l
  • Touch dry- 5 hours air drying


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