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XpressBuild Super High Build Primer (500ml)


An ultra high performance 1K primer, with excellent film build and hold up along with an exceptionally quick dry to sand time. It can be used direct to many substrates including bare metal and most plastics, and is suitable for water or solvent based topcoats. Excellent anti-sag qualities, very high filling properties and a great drying time make this the ultimate high build primer.

You can watch a video test of this product under the Technical tab or the Primers/Fillers page.

Available colours:


Download the XPRESSBUILD Product Leaflet

VOC content- 625.8 g/l

  • Coverage- 1m²
  • Flash-off time- 2-5 mins
  • Dry to sand time- 1o mins at 20°C


Download the full Technical Data Sheet

Watch the XpressBuild Filler Primer in action:


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