Clear Coat

1K UltraClear Gloss Clear Lacquer Aerosol (500ml)

ULTRACLEAR 1K Ultimate Clear Gloss Lacquer, 500ml Spray Can

The ultimate 1K lacquer clearcoat, giving excellent flow and build with a crystal clear, UV-resistant finish. This clear lacquer spray is fully compatible with waterbased and acrylic coatings, adding a depth of gloss and protection that was previously only possible with professional two-pack lacquers. Drying time of 30-60 minutes. Can be mechanically polished after 24 hours.

Here’s some further reading and helpful tips on clear lacquers and clearcoats:

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  • VOC content- 653.5 g/l
  • Coverage- 1.5-2 m²
  • Drying time 30-60 mins

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