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Industrial Coatings

Explore our extensive range of industrial coatings, repair aerosols, including multi-purpose spray paints for every stage and state of repair.  From zinc-rich and anti-corrosive primers to heavy-duty acrylic topcoats and industrial steel paint, we're sure our range will cover your needs.

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Our aerosol industrial coatings meet the needs of applications like plant, machinery, construction, fabrication, cladding or agriculture. From large fabrication projects requiring a change of colour to a lasting rust protection or just a straightforward touch-up repairs, when you need fast solutions for ducting, roofing, girders, or M&E channel supports we can help!

Our paints and protective coatings are suitable for multiple substrates including glass, ceramics, aluminium, uPVC, mild and stainless steel. One product can cover a variety of situations and fast application means less downtime within your schedule, while extending the rust protection.

This range includes high temp paints, industrial steel paint, primers, and topcoats to meet every need in the engineering, windfarm, energy or offshore spheres.



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