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Explore ProXL's expansive range of high-quality automotive primers and car body fillers.  Our range includes primer paints, body fillers, and primer filler sprays for all applications and substrates, ensuring that we can provide car refinishers with the products they need to create the perfect foundation for their paint job.


XpressBuild will blow you away!

Use the XpressBuild primer aerosol to achieve an extremely high build alongside excellent drying times. A very practical primer-filler for quick and effective spot repairs.

An ultra high-performance 1K primer filler, XpressBuild has an exceptionally quick dry-to-sand time.  Excellent anti-sag qualities, very high filling properties and a great drying time make this the ultimate high-build primer aerosol.

Buy from our range of high-build primers and fillers:

ProXl bring you a wide range of special metal primers and body fillers for the best quality car refinishing jobs.