ProXL Refinishing Systems

Clear Coat

ProXL are known as a leading supplier of professional clear coats, including tins of lacquer in the Generation20 range, and convenient aerosol can options.  Suitable as a finishing coat on any auto paint, these 1k and 2k professional clear coats from ProXL give your car bodywork the ultimate protection and finish.  Our clear coats offer a scratch-resistant, weatherproof, and UV-resistant protective lacquer that enhances any car body colour, in your choice of matt, satin, or high-gloss finish.  They can also be used as a clear lacquer for bare metal, preserving the raw metal's appearance from corrosion.  With our high solids and very high solids (VHS) options, plus anything between flat matt and high gloss (our matt clearcoat is mixable with our gloss range), you can always achieve the topcoat paintwork finish you desire.  Our clear coat kits are ideal for spray gun application, whilst our innovative aerosol range of clear coat lacquers includes 1k and 2k spray cans for quality with convenience.