Clear Coat



This HS Anti Scratch clear coat incorporates a new rapid drying technology (5 minutes @ 50°c booth temperature) that distinguishes it from its competition.

With its outstanding high gloss gun finish, long open time and rapid curing, it’s the ultimate choice for all sizes of repairs. It gives body shops the opportunity to increase throughput, reduce energy costs and achieve superior clear coat results with ease.

Also available in a 7.5lt kit size

Key benefits of using XPRESS405 HS Anti Scratch Clear Coat Lacquer

  • Increased throughput with decreased costs
  • High Solids content >40% allows single coat, deep-finishes
  • Ease of application
  • Premium finish

Download the XPRESS Rapid Clear Coat brochure

  • VOC content- Actual 510 g/l RFU
  • Coverage- 10-12m²/litre at 50 – 60 μm

Download the full Technical Data Sheet


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