New Product Launch! ToughOX Truck Bed Liner Kits

13 January 2023 Automotive

In an exciting new development for the UK automotive refinishing industry, ProXL has introduced ToughOX Truck Bed Liner Kits, giving you everything you need to create the perfect protective finish for truck beds and linings and anywhere else that needs protection against the scrapes and scuffs of a hard-working life.

ToughOX Truck Bed Liner – The Benefits

ToughOX Truck Bed Liner has already proven its worth in bed liner protection, with its excellent adhesion to most surfaces and high flexibility making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

This durable 2k polyurethane bed liner spray is easy to apply and quickly cures to form a surface that is easy to clean and resists fuels, chemicals and oils. It is also highly resistant to water, UV radiation and weathering, so it will give long service even in an unprotected environment. As it wears, it can be easily revitalised with a quick recoat.

Another benefit of using ToughOX Truck Bed Liner is its sound dampening and noise reduction properties, making for a quieter and more pleasant ride.

ToughOX Kits – Everything In One Box

Now, to help automotive refinishers further, this excellent product has been packaged as a kit, providing everything you need to get that perfect ToughOX finish! Watch our video to see what is included in the kit.

Available in both the black and tintable versions of this classic bed liner paint, each kit contains

  • four 1-litre tins of ToughOX Bed Liner paint
  • four 200 ml tins of ToughOX hardener
  • one ToughOX spray gun

The spray gun has been developed especially for use with ToughOX to give ultimate versatility. Based on the UBS spray design, it features two main components – a metal trigger section and a plastic semi-disposable nozzle section – and the nozzle section is where all the magic happens.

ToughOX Spray Gun – Easy Adjustment And Disposal

As with a standard UBS gun, the nozzle section is attached directly to the top of the tin of ToughOX paint, which then becomes a reservoir that is simply thrown away when finished. The paint feeding tube and nozzle are designed to be discarded after a few uses and are inexpensive to replace, making the gun much easier to use as no solvents or time-consuming cleaning are required.

But its special feature is in the nozzle design. With a standard UBS gun, the nozzle and air pressure must be changed to achieve different textures but with the ToughOX spray gun, this is done simply by rotating the front section of the nozzle. Job done!

Buy And Try The ToughOX Truck Bed Liner And Spray Gun

If you haven’t tried this product before, the kit is a perfect place to start as it will give you everything you need. The ToughOX spray gun and a pack of plastic replacement nozzles can also both be purchased separately, so if you’re already using ToughOX you can upgrade to the best gun for the job.

The kits are available in two versions:

Contact your auto refinishing supplier today to purchase the ToughOX Truck Bed Liner Kit from ProXL. If they don’t currently carry the ProXL range, contact us on 01634 823900 or via our online contact form to find your nearest stockist.