The Best PU Adhesive Seam Sealers For Vehicles

5 April 2024 News

ProXL has developed a complete range of automotive industry adhesives, sealants and foams. ProXL Generation20 products are the latest and greatest way for vehicle workshops to bond, seal and fill, they sit under three umbrellas; ProXL UltraBond, ProXL UltraSeal and ProXL UltraFoam.

Providing a wide range of different options for each job at hand in any busy vehicle repair business, each ProXL Generation20 product is available in various sizes, tailored for different uses and with unique working windows. In short, the complete set of automotive collision industry tasks, sorted.

Generation20 UltraBond

ProXL Generation20 UltraBond bonding products have been developed to be the best 2k PU adhesive, glueing the plastics, metals and glass commonly encountered in the automotive collision industry. Two 1k polymer-based adhesives, and six 2k urethane adhesives, tackle a mix of general purpose and structural repairs, with impressive working times depending on what is required.

From small tasks, such as bonding plastic parts in position, to mating steel and aluminium – including quarter panels or door skins, there is an UltraBond adhesive for you. Important features range from high levels of strength and outstanding initial tack to rapid drying times allowing for easy application and a quick turnaround.

Available in sizes of 50ml to 310ml, the different solutions offer a selection of working windows, from 35 seconds to 20 minutes, with sanding times of between 15 minutes and 8 hours, and a painting window of between 40 minutes and 12 hours.

Generation20 UltraSeal

ProXL Generation20 UltraSeal is a new generation of 2k PU sealant, created for the vehicle collision repair market. Sealers are one of the most important products in any vehicle repairer’s arsenal, ProXL’s UltraSeal range keeps out moisture, this brushable seam sealer perfectly replicates the sprayed or brushed effect around door seals.

Ideal for a range of sealing tasks, including structural bonding seams, drip rails, roof seams and core support, vertical, horizontal or underbody seals, all 11 automotive seam sealer products replicate the factory appearance of OEM sealants. Depending on which type you select, UltraSeal can provide outstanding adhesion to a mix of materials, including iron, aluminium, stainless steel, lead, copper, ceramic, glass, wood and plastics. Looking for something non-sag, overpaintable, medium or high build, self-levelling or that can be caulked or sprayed, even used as sound-deadening coating? There’s an UltraSeal product for you.

Available in sizes of 50ml to 1kg, UltraSeal offers a working window of between 15-40 minutes, with painting times of between 15 and 40 minutes.

Generation20 UltraFoam

ProXL Generation20 UltraFoam 2k urethane foams are available in both rigid and semi-rigid finishes. Ideal for sound deadening and the reinforcement of hollow sections by those in the industry, this automotive polyurethane foam is ideal for filling posts, pillars, and body cavities. The two 2k PU foam adhesive products are split; grey is the semi-rigid version with a soft density, and white is the rigid version with a hard density.

ProXL UltraFoam PU foam adhesive features a working time of one minute and a painting time of one hour. It is available in 50ml or 200ml sizes.

Your search for the best PU adhesive seam sealers for vehicles is over. The complete bonding range from ProXL is available to purchase now, find out more information here, and find your nearest distributor here.