Achieving Great Bodyshop Customer Service

22 June 2021 Automotive

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Be sure to treat them like it!

If a customer is unhappy with your service, it can cause massive damage to your reputation as a bodyshop. Word of mouth has massive effect nowadays, and bad reviews can seriously effect someone’s decision to use your bodyshop.

#1 Acknowledge someone entering your shop with a smile and a greeting. Even if you are busy and they have to wait a moment or two, they will appreciate being noticed. first impressions count a long way towards the customer experience, so be sure to start on the right foot!

#2 Keep your customer waiting area clean and tidy. Actually, keep your whole bodyshop clean and tidy! If customers feel that your premises are messy and dirty, they are unlikely to be very impressed. A tidy bodyshop makes it look like you care about your work, and customers are a lot more likely to give you work.

#3 Spend time talking to your customer. display a friendly disposition, and be ready to make conversation as well as discussing their needs. Remember that when talking to someone, you’re really selling your bodyshop to them, so make sure they’re getting what they want out of the conversation.

#4 Ensure the customer-first attitude starts at the top. You can’t expect your staff to treat customers perfectly if you don’t do it yourself! Make sure everyone knows that the customer comes first.

#5 It’s the little things that count. There’s so many little touches you can add that will improve the customer experience. It might be as simple as cleaning the vehicle when it’s repaired, or your telephone manners when calling a customer. All of these things add up for the perfect customer experience!