Tips for running a bodyshop smoothly

22 June 2021 Automotive

Here are a few tips on how to run your bodyshop efficiently and smoothly, and avoid costly disruption!

#1 Have A Schedule

It’s really important to know exactly what work is coming in, and when. whether you use a computer-based system to schedule your jobs, or just your trusty notebook, this will save you overbooking work for certain times, and you’ll also be able to forecast if work if is going to be drying up in the future.

#2 Start Work As Soon As Possible

As soon as a vehicle arrives with you, the clock is ticking. Don’t get into the habit of wasting time and space by having a vehicle sitting unnecessarily on your property, as this takes up valuable space without bringing you income. Inspect and start work on new jobs that come in as soon as possible to keep up your throughput.

#3 Ensure Parts And Materials Are Ordered

As soon as you can determine what parts and/or paints you will need for a repair, get them ordered, and make sure you know the expected arrival time. Also, be sure to keep stock of common products. A high value job could be held up by just one item that you don’t have in stock, so be sure to stay on top of your orders.

#4 Lead!

Most importantly, be sure to have a plan, and communicate this clearly with your team. knowing what you’re aiming to achieve, and having your team know this too, is essential for a smooth operation. This actually still applies if you run your bodyshop on your own! Keep yourself focused, and ensure you know what you need to achieve each day.